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Industrial Raw Materials and Additives for the Chemical Industry

The following list was created based on the main products which are produced by companies we represent exclusively in Turkey.

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Plastics and Rubber Industries

Release Agents
Special Plasticizer
Viscosity Regulators
Antistatic Agents
Antifogging Agents
Antiblockking/Slip Agents
Emery Oleochemicals Germany
Ca-Zn (Calcium-Zinc) stabiliser
Ba-Zn (Barium-Zinc) stabiliser
Tin stabiliser
Reagens Italy
Masterbatch And Additives IQAP Masterbatch Group Spain

Polyester Resins for Powder Coating

Polyester resin DSM Resins B.V. Netherlands

Petro-chemical Industries

Polymeric catalyst and initiators
Organic peroxides
United Initiators Germany

Glasfaserverstärkte Polyester

Organic peroxides
Accelerators and initiators
United Initiators Germany

Ceramics and enamel

Frits, color pigments, medium Prince Belgium BVBA Italy

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